Road Diary
It seems that travelling brings experiences of all kinds; every day our gentlemen have stories to tell. If you enjoy the service that we bring we thought that you might also enjoy hearing about some of these stories…

Why Using a Man and Van Service Instead of Van Hire is the Best Choice in Wimbledon

Man and van services are very competitively priced and may cost a similar amount to hiring a van yourself.  Many van hire companies will only let you hire a van for a minimum of one day, which may not be very economical when you only need one item moved.  Choosing a gentleman and a van service is the stress free alternative when you need items moved.  There’s no need to do any heavy lifting because all that hard work is done for you.  You also won’t have to worry about refilling the fuel tank at the end of the day.


One of the major considerations of hiring a van is then having to drive it.  If you’re not used to driving a van, especially around busy Wimbledon, it can be a stressful and potentially dangerous experience.  Negotiating the traffic around the streets of Wimbledon and finding your way can be tricky, and that’s assuming you have the necessary qualifications to drive a van.  You may not have the required driving experience or indeed have a driving licence at all.   Living in a town like Wimbledon, where many can easily rely on public transport, could negate the need to learn to drive. Gentleman and a van services provide experienced drivers who plan the route they will take in advance, ensuring a safe and efficient journey across town.

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The Changing Face of Van Driving

14% of van drivers that were polled found the ‘White Van Man’ label outright insulting, while 39% believed perceptions associated with the stereotype were accurate. Female van drivers said that they found the nickname amusing but only a low percentage of male drivers agreed with them.


Up to 70% of the van drivers interviewed had not had a traffic conviction in the last 10 years. This is a very impressive statistic considering that over half of them spend more than 10 hours per week in their vans. 15% of van drivers are in their vans for more than 30 hours a week. The poll also found that more women van drivers tended to be cautious driving than men.


Commercial van drivers do not deserve the bad reputation that they have been given. It is hopeful that the growing number of female van drivers and the higher degree of professionalism amongst the van driving community will change the negative perception of van drivers.


White Van Gentlemen welcome the change in stereotype and hope to see more gentlemanly/ ladylike behaviour on all the roads that they travel on. It would be a great thing for the ‘White Van Man’ label to take on a positive meaning and for people to recognise the work of Van Ladies.

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Benz Vanz Targeted By Thieves

Local police in Gwent have said that there have been at least six reported cases in less than three weeks. Officers are recommending that owners of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans remain alert. They are also appealing for information on the thefts. They suggest that preventative measures such as parking vehicles in well-lit, open areas and installing CCTV camera systems will help lower the risk of these types of crimes occurring.


The Mercedes-Benz website recommends that owners of the Sprinter vans should have a specially made security plate installed. The security plate costs £125 and stops thieves from simply cutting the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe of a parked vehicle. The plate is secured on to the underside of your vehicle using tamper-proof fixings in order to protect the converter.


Metal theft has also been a problem on the railways and for old buildings. Thieves have targeted copper and lead causing train line accidents and roof collapse.


White Van Gentlemen hopes that this problem does not spread to London and recommends that van owners take all necessary precautions to prevent this.

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Not such ‘Vantastic’ behaviour

Recent analysis carried out by the AA on data provided by its own customers found that 15.5 per cent of van drivers have had their license endorsed within the last five years, compared to just 7.4 per cent of car drivers.


Van drivers are also six times more likely to be caught using their phone at the wheel, according to the figures (2.4 per cent of van drivers compared to 0.4 of car drivers).


Could it be down to the pressure to get between jobs and keep customers informed?  Whatever the reason, it not only results in fines and points on licenses but also in increased insurance premiums.  The AA’s research showed that on average, offenders can expect their insurance premium to increase by 18.5% if they have been convicted of using a hand-held phone. This compared to an increase of 9.3% for a single speeding offence.


London is the worst area for conviction rates where 3.2 per cent of London van drivers were caught using a mobile. Only Scotland had a higher conviction rate. Also, van drivers in the South East were most likely to have picked up a motoring conviction, with 17.4 per cent having done so in the last five years.


We think this is very bad behaviour. You won’t catch any of our gentlemen van company drivers breaking laws.

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Vans on Screen

Firstly there is the coolest van of them all, The A-Team GMC van which was driven by Mr T. It was all black with a red stripe and contained an endless amount of tools.


Then there is the unforgettable, psychedelic green and orange, Mystery Machine which belonged to Scooby Doo and the gang. It was driven by Fred and has never been branded as an official make of car. Many believe that it is a camper van due to its flower patterns, but many other vehicles have been painted in homage to it.


Famous vans that were most definitely camper vans are the blue terrorist vehicle fromBack to the Future and the yellow van in which most of Little Miss Sunshine is set.


Let’s not forget everyone’s favourite three wheeler, Del and Rodney’s Trotter’s independent Trading co. van. The yellow Reliant Regal has held all manner of weird and wonderful items including a load of blow up dolls. One of the vans used in the show was recently sold for £44,227.50.


We just couldn’t leave out the little red post van from Postman Pat that has appeared on children’s TV and a Specsavers’ advert. The van originally carried a simple crown logo but was then given permission by royal mail to use their logo for the TV show and merchandise.


Other famous vans include the gadget mobile from Inspector Gadget, The Mutts Cuts van from Dumb and Dumber (which was furry and shaped like dog) and The Ghostbusters’ ambulance/hearse van which was known as the The Ecto-Mobile.


Which is your favourite onscreen van? Do you think we have a shot at getting one of ourWhite Van Gentlemen vans on TV?

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Meals on Wheels

Fed up of sub-standard grub, they installed a two ring cooker in the back of their work van and proceeded to whip up a flavoursome selection of hot meals on wheels using fresh ingredients. Parked in London’s exclusive Savile Row this week, the three men even set up their own bistro tables, complete with patterned tablecloths outside of the van, much to the amusement of passersby.


The gentlemen and their van have so far served up Thai green curry, spaghetti bolognese with a baguette, and chorizo pesto pasta with rocket salad and parmesan shavings. Each meal was washed down with a nice glass of red wine or beer. They achieved these culinary feats whilst replacing cables all over the capital. The air of sophistication doesn’t stop there as one of the men, Mr Bevan, also enjoys playing 1920s music, jazz during the work day.


Mr Bevan and his colleague Mr Lazarus spend the majority of their day underground and enjoy cleaning up for a civilised lunch alfresco style. They say that their self made lunches are cheaper and more filling than the average soggy sandwich available in local shops.


What recipes would you suggest for these gentlemen to try next week?

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Van Love

Motorists slowed down to read the message and take pictures of the van on their mobile phones. The van was seen parked outside the George Reynolds industrial estate, on the roundabout, with bright orange letters emblazoned on the side. The heartfelt message read “LINDA I’M SORRY, I’M A FOOL AND AN IDIOT SOMETIMES. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! PLEASE COME HOME AND PUT THIS RIGHT. WE MISS YOU!! I MISS US. I WANT TO GROW OLD WITH YOU, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”


The mysterious van poses many questions that have not yet been answered. Many are asking what happened between the two lovers that drove Linda away. Pessimists are suggesting foul play, while the romantics out there are cooing at the public display of remorse and affection. The public are still deliberating – Is he a gentleman with a van or simply a cad? The biggest question of all though is what will she say and how will she respond?


If the proposal shows us anything about the wedding, we are wondering if they will use a van as the wedding vehicle. Will the mystery man will invite guests using an announcement on the side of his van.


Last December, a public display of a different kind was displayed on the motorway by an angry wife seeking a divorce. The banner was put up as an act of revenge against her husband.


Stay tuned to find out more about the couple in the coming days.

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Sporting End

The athletes were greeted at Buckingham Palace by a flypast of four RAF helicopters, the British Airways jet which carried the flame, three other RAF aircraft and the Red Arrows who left a streaming trail of red, white and blue across the sky. The athletes were also saluted by the royal guards as they passed the statue of Queen Victoria. The area around Admiralty Arch was surrounded by 14,000 volunteers. As well as, emergency services, military personnel, friends, family and coaches of the athletes.


Paralympic GB surpassed its predicted target of 103 medals by winning 120, 34 0f which were gold. We finished third in the medal table behind Russia and the People’s Republic of China. Team GB finished with 65 medals, 29 of which were gold.


Now that the golden summer has ended in Great Britain, the attention turns on the legacy that the games will leave. The public are asking that the underground network keep wheelchair ramps on the platforms permanently to make sure that London stays accessible for all. There have also been pleas to stop the Government from taking away living allowance from the disabled. The Mayor of London has predicted a baby boom from the amount of emotion and joy surrounding the games and many predict that he may become the next Prime Minister.


White Van Gentlemen would like to say thank you to all of those that made the games special and hope that the Olympics spirit which has united Britain will prevail.

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